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hpo stands for High Performance Organisations. As experts for strategies, business models and processes as well as their implementation, we have been supporting companies since 1995 to create a healthy foundation for the challenges of the future and to fully exploit their potential.

With our unique logic and consistent involvement of decision-makers and employees, we reliably lead clients to their goal: a sustainably effective high performance organisation with a clear competitive advantage.

Current topics

With momentum through the economic trough?

How high-performance organisations are using the economic downturn to their advantage
The economic forecasts for 2023 are not very encouraging. Depending on the sourceand the sector, a more or less significant economic growth decline is expected. Ongoing inflation, delayed supply chains, and the uncertain energy supply situation severely impact the export-dependent industry. Many companies expect a decline in orders. Those properly positioned can react quickly to the economic downturn, deploy their strengths strategically, and reap above-average benefits during the next upswing.
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What makes companies agile?

Defeating complexity with a high performance organisation

The ability to change and develop makes companies stronger and gives them a competitive edge - in good times and bad. Agile companies are therefore successful companies.

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How can insurance companies meet the digitalisation and successfully make use of automation potential?

hpo Practical Case Insurance
The insurance industry is undergoing change. Digitalisation represents the new competitive field. However, it is not uncommon for established processes and structures to conflict with the goals being pursued through the use of digital technologies. This includes, for example, creating a differentiating customer experience or optimising claims processing through extensive use of automation and even artificial intelligence.
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hpo Expertise

Based on the strategic goals and defined design criteria, hpo ensures that the organisation is perfectly structured to achieve its goals.
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hpo Publications

We aim to keep our finger always on the pulse of time! This section presents current articles, exclusive events, and exciting news.
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hpo Career

hpo is a very desirable employer. Learn more about the job, your development opportunities, our requirements, and the application process.
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Strategy Design

Strategic Positioning and value proposition structure

Business Process Design

Business Process Model and End-to-End Responsibility

Business Model Design

Innovative business models and innovation architecture

Innovation Design

Innovation Model and Innovation Portfolio Management

Culture Design

Culture Change and Change Management

Strategy Design

You will recognize the development of the value chain and the positioning of your company. You will receive a sustainable strategy, a clearly defined business model, and a clear presentation of your value proposition to the customer.
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Clients (excerpt)

Universitäts Spital Zürich
St. Claraspital
Credit Suisse
Thurgauer Kantonalbank
Bank now

Enterprise Design Approach

The hpo enterprise design approach ensures the achievement of strategic goals and enables clients to achieve long-term competitiveness in the market.
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Value Proposition

hpo makes companies more successful and innovative. Your company gets a clear picture of how it should function. hpo sees itself as a partner for its clients and gives reliable advice.
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About us

hpo is a specialist ans has expertise in designing high performance organisations. Thanks to the well-founded enterprise design approach and the long-standing experience in transformation projects. Trust our team of experts.

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