Competitive advantages through holistic enterprise design?

hpo strategy consulting

Design Expertise

Strategy Design: Strategic Positioning and value proposition structure

You will recognize the development of the value chain and the positioning of your company. You will receive a sustainable strategy, a well-defined business model, and a clear presentation of your value proposition to the customer.

Business Process Design: Business Process Model and End-to-End Responsibility

You will receive a strategy-based market performance (value proposition) and a business process model with an organisational structure. The clear interfaces and task descriptions ensure that the business processes function together smoothly.

Business Model Design: Innovative Business Models and Innovation Architecture

You see innovation as further holistic development of your company. Business models must always be fundamentally questioned and further developed to be successful in the long term.

Innovation Design: Innovation Model and Innovation Portfolio Management

With the innovation architecture explicitly derived for your company, you receive a map that represents the basis of your innovation management. Your organisational and management processes for innovation management are designed and optimized on this basis. This results in demand profiles and development models for service providers and specialists.

Cultural Design: Culture Change and Change Management

You will receive a strategy-based corporate culture in which the systems, behavior, communication, and image of an organisation support the achievement of strategic goals.
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