Competitive advantages through holistic enterprise design?

hpo strategy consulting

About us

hpo is a specialist in designing high performance organisations, thanks to the well-founded enterprise design approach and the long-standing experience in transformation projects. For more than 25 years hpo supports clients from various sectors. hpo sees itself as a partner to its customers and provides reliable advice. Trust our experts.

hpo Facts

5 partners,

16 employees

50% recurring clients

more than 35 projects per year

Projects held in four different languages

Who is hpo?

hpo is the Swiss strategy consultancy for enterprise design and has many years of experience in the development of strategies and the design of organisations.

For over 25 years, hpo has been supporting customers from various industries. hpo sees itself as a partner to its customers and provides reliable advice.

The management consultants of hpo have an economic or technical background. They convince with high analytical and emotional intelligence.

With this, hpo combines different competencies that are central to enterprise design.

What does hpo do?

hpo makes companies more successful and innovative and enables them to position themselves strategically and innovatively on the market in the long term. hpo ensures that the organisation is perfectly positioned to achieve its goals.

We focus on the design of strategy, business processes, business models, innovation, and culture. These can be coordinated with each other and designed as a whole or with a focus on specific challenges.

Companies are designed with a scientifically founded methodology. The hpo enterprise design approach is simple: Make the good (positioning) better (responsible organisation). Starting from the strategic goals and based on defined design criteria, we consistently coordinate these elements and integrate them into a high-performance organisation.

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