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How efficient is your organisation?

hpo Quick Check

With the hpo Quick Check, you can test whether your organisation fulfils the characteristics of a high performance organisation and obtain a rough assessment of its performance and competitiveness. The self-assessment takes about 10 minutes. You answer questions on the topics of strategy/innovation, processes/organisation and culture.

Your benefit: 

  • You take a structured and holistic look at the current situation of your organisation
  • You receive a rough high performance strengths/weaknesses profile of your organisation
  • You receive the results in visualised form - as a basis for internal discussion of the initial situation and possible optimisation approaches

You will receive the evaluation immediately after completing the questionnaire. Discuss your personal assessment in the management team and motivate your colleagues to complete the quick check as well. Comparing the results will lead to exciting discussions and valuable insights.


We will be happy to discuss the results and the opportunities for developing your organisation into a high performance organisation.

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