Competitive advantages through holistic enterprise design?

hpo strategy consulting

Enterprise Design Approach

Enterprise design is the holistic view and design of a company, a business or a functional area based on a stringent design logic – from the strategic positioning with a clear market performance (value proposition) and the resulting architecture of the products and services offered, the design of processes and the management structure, to the empowerment of employees.

Enterprise design ensures that strategic goals can be achieved and enables long-term competitiveness in the market.

Because enterprise design…

  • ... defines the strategic positioning in which the company is most successful;
  • … identifies the services for which customers are willing to pay on the market;
  • … defines efficient business processes and a process-based management structure;
  • … ensures the measurement and management of performance;
  • … enables strategic projects to be identified and tackled at an early stage;
  • … guarantees that all employees support the goals and functioning of the company;
  • … ensures that the organisation continues to develop in a goal-oriented and agile manner…

… and thus, leads to a high-performance organisation that achieves its goals.

How does enterprise design work

Companies are designed with a scientifically founded methodology. The hpo company approach is simple: Make the good (positioning) better (responsible organisation).

hpo uses a scientifically founded and empirically proven methodology to design companies. Based on the strategic positioning and the value proposition, hpo defines the necessary competencies and derives the operational and organisational structure.

The hpo enterprise design approach is customized to the individual needs of the customer, implementation-oriented, and continuously developed with the latest practical knowledge.


hpo first focuses intensively on customer needs and derives the objects of the value proposition (market performance) from them.


hpo breaks down the objects of the value proposition (market performance) into competencies and thus forms the basis for the formation of end-to-end processes.


hpo ensures that the solution elements are consistently coordinated, from the strategy to the micro-processes.


hpo involves those affected in the solution development, turns them into participants, lets them learn, and thus ensures long-term implementation.


hpo recognizes successful solution patterns from different industries, recombines them, and creates innovative solutions that fit the company.

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