Competitive advantages through holistic enterprise design?

hpo strategy consulting

Value Proposition

The client receives the following promise

  • Innovative strategic positioning: The strategic positioning and the value proposition are presented clearly and in a clear logic. This provides the basis for the design of innovative and sustainable market services.
  • Functionality of the company: The company has a clear vision of how it should function. The necessary competencies and the corresponding organisation are defined.
  • Management with clear responsibilities and measurement parameters: The organization takes responsibility for its own processes with a few, influenceable metrics (KPIs).Sustainable solution: By focusing on long-term necessary competencies and integrated innovation, the company is in a sustainable superior position.

hpo offers an implementation guarantee

  • Our clients implement what they have designed themselves: hpo deliberately involves its customers in the development of solutions. Those affected become responsible, they implement what they have developed.
  • Effective solutions: hpo ensures that even "unpleasant" issues are brought to the table and that problems are solved in the long run.
  • Success-based fees: hpo substantiates its responsibility with success-based fees, because we are convinced of success-based fees. With our experience we have been able to successfully accompany many transformations in the last 20 years.
  • Scientifically sound and proven methodology: Our scientific methodology is a modular system. It is individually tailored to the client and guarantees a goal-oriented and efficient approach.
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