Is your financial institution ready for the digital revolution?

hpo Insights

Is your financial institution ready for the digital revolution?

hpo Insights

Digitization is in the process of completely and permanently changing customer behavior and business models of financial institutions. Today’s customers want to handle simple matters digitally. Complex issues require seamless multi-channel consulting – anytime, anywhere. Current projects at banks and insurance companies are, therefore, aiming to improve both the customer experience and internal efficiency significantly.

Successful digital transformation of financial institutions

Multi-channel management goes beyond the mere provision of products and services through different sales channels. A multi-channel strategy requires significant adjustments in product and process management as well as in customer service models. The previous “silo mentality” must be replaced by stringent, customer-oriented planning and action. Processes must be coordinated with each other. Additionally, products and services must be developed to be multi-channel-capable, for example, by distinguishing between basic services and channel-specific additional services.

hpo is a specialist for the design of multi-channel-capable high-performance organisations – from the identification of actual customer needs to the provision of services and the optimal organisational structure. Close cooperation with our clients’ employees ensures that not only internal knowledge and existing ideas are taken into account. At the same time, those affected are made participants, which guarantees the reliability of implementation.

In this hpo Insights, we present two reference projects for a successful digital transformation.

hpo lays the foundation for a successful digital transformation

Practical example Credit Suisse – Private and Wealth Management Clients CH

Today, customers want to deal with simple requests online. For complex issues, there is a demand for seamless multi-channel advice. hpo has supported Credit Suisse in translating this changed client behavior into a future-oriented business process model, which also significantly relieves the relationship managers of small administrative tasks.

In response to changing customer needs and the ever-increasing administrative tasks in the front office areas due to the density of regulation, Credit Suisse is pursuing a consistently customer-focused multichannel strategy.

Aims of the project

As part of the “66% Client time” program, various measures were to be worked out to make it easier for the affluent relationship manager to focus on his/her core tasks of client consulting and development. A continuous multi-channel consulting service was to be made possible.


To analyze today’s services, roles, and responsibilities along the business relationship cycle, the project team chose a “top-down-bottom-up” approach. While representatives of top management in the front, mid and back-office presented their visions, interdepartmental workshops were held to describe and analyze services and representative business cases. Based on these findings, the project team developed a multi-channel-capable business process model with clear roles and end-to-end responsibilities for all affected departments.

To raise the identified potentials for increasing the client time of affluent relationship managers, the project team developed an implementable pilot concept for the client servicing process, which is now being tested.

Especially simple requests are now handled completely digitally


By operationalizing the customer-oriented multi-channel strategy in the form of a business process model with clear roles, defined interfaces, and end-to-end responsibilities, the previous “silo” mentality and actions are broken down, and a comprehensive, customer-centric approach is made possible. This will significantly strengthen the sales effectiveness of the front units.

Faster implementation of the digitization of critical processes with hpo

Practical example Credit Suisse – Private and Wealth Management Clients CH

Bonviva is an attractive banking package offered by Credit Suisse to establish the main banking relationship. The digitization of central value creation steps helps to significantly enhance the customer experience and internal efficiency in the provision of services. hpo was commissioned to create procedural and organisational prerequisites.

Aims of the project

The aim of the project supported by hpo was to consistently align the service provision process for Bonviva in a customer-oriented manner and to identify process-related and organisational measures to increase internal efficiency. The business requirements defined in the process ultimately served as the basis for the development of a suitable IT application.


A consistent “top-down-bottom-up” approach was chosen for the analysis of the initial situation.  An accurate understanding of the value proposition and the Bonviva product architecture was crucial. The provision of services was systematically analyzed using representative business cases, as was the understanding of the roles of the partners involved and the changing framework conditions.

Against the background of the fields of action identified in the current state analysis and based on the target picture defined in the “66% Client Time” program, the project team identified a new process and organisational structure as the basis for developing the application.

Customer advisors also rely on a digital customer experience in advisory discussions


The development of a multi-channel-capable and a consistent customer-oriented business process model with clear roles and end-to-end responsibilities is the prerequisite for a substantial increase in customer experience and internal efficiency. The involvement of know-how carriers from the partner organisations in the development of solutions also ensures that the Project results are implemented.

Voices of our satisfied customers

“hpo’s consultants have supported us in a goal-oriented and efficient way within the scope of a comprehensive program to transfer the customer-oriented multi-channel strategy into a future-oriented business process model. This breaks up the way of thinking and acting in the previous distribution channels and enables a comprehensive and customer-centric approach.”
Roger Suter
Head of Central Switzerland Region
Credit Suisse AG
Portrait Roger Suter
“With their systematic top-down-bottom-up approach and perseverance, the consultants of hpo have ensured that the jointly developed solutions can be implemented and are supported by our Credit Suisse employees. After all, successful transformation in times of digitization also requires necessary changes in corporate cultures.”
Hans Baumgartner
Head of the Central Plateau Region
Credit Suisse AG
Portrait Hans Baumgartner
“With the digitization of key processes, Credit Suisse is expanding its strategic options by substantially improving both the customer experience and internal Efficiency in the provision of services, thereby creating competitive advantages. hpo has helped us to structure the provision of our services optimally and to align them to the needs of our customers consistently. As a ‘coach,’ hpo supported us in a goal-oriented manner and thus laid the foundation for the digitization of our key processes. hpo was able to optimally support our internal project manager with its know-how in process and enterprise design as well as its project experience. The results were efficiently coordinated with our internal stakeholders and external partners, thus laying the foundation for transparent decision-making. This enabled us to implement our visions more quickly.”
Ruth Mojentale-Baumann
Head Product & Sales Management Bundles
Credit Suisse AG
Portrait Ruth Mojentale-Baumann

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Who is hpo?

hpo makes companies more successful and more innovative. The strategy consultancy for enterprise design boasts more than 25 years of experience in the creation of strategies and organisations spanning many different industries. The management consultants at hpo specialise in the meticulous development of strategies, processes, business models, innovation and culture, and in accompanying the transformation.

The hpo design approach enables companies to better cope with strategic and organisational challenges and to realise substantial competitive advantages. The basis of the industry-spanning design approach is an academically grounded methodology with which high performance organisations are shaped and which is continually further developed with the latest findings from research and practice.

The management consultants at hpo come from a commercial or technology background and stand out with their high level of analytical and emotional intelligence. They are passionate in their dedication to the client’s concerns and enjoy working in a team.

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