How to increase quality and efficiency?

hpo Practical Case Modern structures for a modern psychiatry

How to increase quality and efficiency?

hpo Practical Case Modern structures for a modern psychiatry

During our consulting activities, we repeatedly encounter organizations with historically grown structures. The same  applies to a cantonal psychiatric clinic. Before the start of the project, the organization was characterized by a high degree of complexity and a strict organizational and procedural separation between outpatient and inpatient service provision. This led to many redundancies and a lack of continuity in the various forms of treatment.

Modern structures for modern psychiatry

Many employees in the clinic were aware that there was a need for action regarding organization and processes. Yet, at the same time, there was a great deal of skepticism about organizational changes among the staff and management. The management decided on an offensive and inclusive approach to address the problem.

The top medical and nursing cadre was invited to join a workgroup to develop new processes and structures to better address the needs of patients.

hpo accompanied this process by conducting many bilateral discussions, developing methodically stringent suggestions for optimized processes and structures together with key persons, and moderating the workshops with the working group with determination and the necessary perception. hpo not only supported the development of the target model but also accompanied the psychiatric department as a partner in all aspects of the transformation process in the detailing and implementation of the reorganization.

The organisation has been working with the new structures and processes for several years now. And the implementation has been a great success:

  • The merging of the outpatient and inpatient sectors has massively improved cooperation – continuity of treatment across different settings (outpatient, day-care, and inpatient forms of treatment) is now an implicitness.
  • The establishment of centers with clear focal points created the basis for a clearer orientation of the institution and a further increase in the quality of treatment.
  • Various measures were taken to improve both quality and efficiency. One important measure, for example, was the creation of a central admissions department with highly qualified and experienced staff. This measure leads to patients being cared for by the right specialists from day one wherever possible. The centers are spared the time-consuming triage process (professional assignment of patients to the most suitable center).
  • Although there were significant changes, they were well supported within the organization and carried by a broad base.

House of adult psychiatry


By creating distinct structures and processes, the organizational complexity could be massively reduced. The framework conditions for real continuity of treatment across all phases of the patient pathway have been created. The introduction of a central admissions system with the highly qualified and experienced staff has led to significant improvements in efficiency (less work for staff, fewer transfers, shorter waiting times for patients), and quality (patients are cared for in an ideal environment from day one).

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