How to identify growth levers?

hpo Practical Case Definition of a scalable organisation

How to identify growth levers?

hpo Practical Case Definition of a scalable organisation

About three years before the cooperation with hpo, a financial service provider was taken over by a universal bank, but only partially integrated. The aim of the project with hpo was to (re-)focus on the efficient provision of core services that had not been transferred to the parent company. This was to be achieved by improved agility, a stronger focus on resources, and better use of economies of scale.

The approach was as follows: First, the actual customer needs were identified – of the parent company and external customers – and a suitable value proposition formulated. The core questions were: What does the parent company expect from us? Which new customer segments can be targeted? Then followed the definition of the roles and derivation of the range of services for internal and external customers, including the necessary core activities.

The core questions here were: Which internal role do we want to take on in the future (service provider and/or partner)? What skills do we need to achieve this? As a next step, the process-related interaction with the parent company – both in daily business and in innovative activities – were identified and the points of communication with external customers deteminded.

The primary benefit for the financial service provider was the identification of three central growth levers in product offers. The clear structure of future products or services makes it possible to precisely define activities that are necessary to provide the services offered. The resulting highly efficient business process model creates the prerequisites for a scalable organisation that can be optimally adapted to fluctuations in demand.

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hpo makes companies more successful and more innovative. The strategy consultancy for enterprise design boasts more than 25 years of experience in the creation of strategies and organisations spanning many different industries. The management consultants at hpo specialise in the meticulous development of strategies, processes, business models, innovation and culture, and in accompanying the transformation.

The hpo design approach enables companies to better cope with strategic and organisational challenges and to realise substantial competitive advantages. The basis of the industry-spanning design approach is an academically grounded methodology with which high performance organisations are shaped and which is continually further developed with the latest findings from research and practice.

The management consultants at hpo come from a commercial or technology background and stand out with their high level of analytical and emotional intelligence. They are passionate in their dedication to the client’s concerns and enjoy working in a team.

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