What are the benefits of an integrated approach to enterprise and digital core design?

hpo webinar

What are the benefits of an integrated approach to enterprise and digital core design?

hpo webinar– the digital high-performance organisation

A successful transformation to a high-performance organisation requires the seamless integration of the Digital Core building blocks into an end-to-end, customer- and process-oriented enterprise design. A holistic view of enterprise design and digital core creates added value with regard to security, transparency and efficiency - and thus a clear competitive advantage.

hpo management consulting and CNT Management Consulting, one of the leading European SAP consultants, have combined their core competencies to offer companies a holistic solution. Benefit from the partnership and learn in our joint webinar what it takes to get the most out of an upcoming system conversion or implementation (SAP S/4HANA).

  • Characteristics of a high-performance organisation from 3:30
  • Triggers for change from 4:55
  • Business processes supported by Digital Core from 09:47
  • The holistic consulting approach from 12:31
  • Benefits from the holistic consulting approach from 17:30
  • The structured transformation from 20:03
  • Key Take-Aways from 25:41
  • Q&A from 29:20

Video only available in German

Your partner for strategy and enterprise design

Who is hpo?

hpo makes companies more successful and more innovative. The strategy consultancy for enterprise design boasts more than 25 years of experience in the creation of strategies and organisations spanning many different industries. The management consultants at hpo specialise in the meticulous development of strategies, processes, business models, innovation and culture, and in accompanying the transformation.

The hpo design approach enables companies to better cope with strategic and organisational challenges and to realise substantial competitive advantages. The basis of the industry-spanning design approach is an academically grounded methodology with which high performance organisations are shaped and which is continually further developed with the latest findings from research and practice.

The management consultants at hpo come from a commercial or technology background and stand out with their high level of analytical and emotional intelligence. They are passionate in their dedication to the client’s concerns and enjoy working in a team.

hpo – we design organisations

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