Competitive advantages through holistic enterprise design?

hpo strategy consulting

Strategy Design

Strategic Positioning and value proposition structure

You will recognize the development of the value chain, anticipate changes, or actively initiate them. This leads to clear and differentiated positioning of your company in this value chain. Based on this, you will receive a sustainable strategy, an innovative and yet clearly defined business model, as well as a clear presentation of your value proposition to the customer. The results include possible short-term optimizations as well as the prioritization of strategic projects and the definition of clear measures to implement the chosen strategy.

Added Value

You will receive the foundation for the sustainable development of your company and for the realization of competitive advantages as well as comprehensibly communicable and realizable results.

The following key questions will be answered within the scope of a project:

  • What does the entire value chain look like vertically (from raw material to end product) and horizontally (from planning to operation)? How is the so-called industry model developing, and which specific positions can, or should your company take in the future?
  • What opportunities and risks arise for you from trends and developments in the areas of customer needs, overall market, competition, and technology?
  • Which strategic options can be derived, evaluated, and tested for you? Which changes to the business model will give you a competitive advantage?
  • What effects do these options have on your objectives, value proposition, positioning, and corporate culture, but also on your business model and achievable performance?
  • How do you integrate the chosen strategy into your processes, structure, and culture? How do you make it measurable?

Applied Method

The approach is based on the hpo Strategy Design 5S Methodology. We also use other conventional methods to develop business models. The specific process is customized to your particular situation.
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