Competitive advantages through holistic enterprise design?

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Innovation Design

Innovation Model and Innovation Portfolio Management

With the innovation architecture explicitly derived for your company, you receive a map that represents the basis of your innovation management. Your organisational and management processes for innovation management are designed and optimized on this basis. This results in demand profiles and development models for service providers and specialists.

You receive a massively shortened time-to-market (TTM) with relevant innovations. You increase the innovative strength of your company through transparency, manageability, and measurability of innovation processes that are embedded in the overall organisation. By portraying business and innovation activities in the so-called “market performance and innovation architecture,” you obtain a decision basis for prioritizing projects and targeted budget allocation.

The innovation architecture also enables the further targeted development of the relevant innovation competencies.

Added Value

We provide you with clear market performance (structured value proposition) with an innovative architecture that matches your business model as well as the appropriate innovation processes and a coordinated innovation organisation. This is elaborated in detail and embedded in the overall organisation. Since innovations run at different speeds but are interdependent, they are guided by a management process. The implementation measures are defined in a well-defined implementation plan. The decisive factor here is the consistent combination of:

  • different types of innovation processes (research and method, platform or product development),
  • different time requirements (long-term infrastructure development, short-term technology development),
  • different geographic conditions (proximity to technology centers, distributed resources after acquisitions), and
  • different ownerships (should technologies be developed or purchased?).

The following key questions will be answered within the scope of a project:

  • Where will tomorrow's profits come from? How does your company need to develop to realize them? What is your (future) value proposition, and what innovation competencies are necessary?
  • Which elements of the value chain differentiate from the clients' point of view? Which can be changed quickly, which need a lot of time?
  • What can partners do faster and better?

Applied Method

The innovative design is part of the holistic design approach. Our approach is based on the proven methodology hpo Macro Design Innovation 5Mi and is designed to suit your situation.

Qmarkets Software-Tool

After designing the Innovation Engine, we are working with our strategic partner Qmarkets to specify and implement a digital solution to map your innovation projects. Qmarkets is one of the world's leading Idea & Innovation Management software providers. The focus of Qmarkets is on an intuitive and user-friendly interface, as well as a high configurability of task management and innovation portfolios. In addition, our experienced experts train and coach your staff for a successful implementation and operation of your innovation efforts.

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