Competitive advantages through holistic enterprise design?

hpo strategy consulting

Cultural Design

Culture Change and Change Management

You will receive a strategy-based corporate culture in which the systems, behavior, communication, and image of an organisation support the achievement of strategic goals. Our «top-down-bottom-up»  approach can be summarized as follows: Specific measures are developed by the employees in a guided process, prioritized by management, summarized in substantial directions, and combined in an implementation plan. The process is based on arguable facts and leads to specific measures.

Added Value

You create an essential prerequisite for the successful implementation of the strategy. Management and employees work on the strategy in a targeted manner, the awareness of the strategic goals is increased, the need for change in the cultural foundations is identified, and the strategy is anchored in the corporate culture.

The following key questions will be answered within the scope of a project:

  • What are the central contents of the strategy?
  • How does the current culture manifest itself in your company?
  • How does the culture have to develop to best support the strategy?
  • Which future observable changes reflect the desired cultural change?
  • Which levers can be identified to increase performance?
  • Which measures are best suited to open up the existing optimization potential?

Applied Method

In a combined top-down/bottom-up approach and the application of the tried and tested cultural design 7C method, your management and representative teams of employees work out specific measures in the areas of systems, processes, communication, and appearance for the necessary adjustment of the corporate culture. These measures are based on the strategy and the guidelines defined by the management. They can be integrated into ongoing projects (e.g., a business process design) or executed as independent projects.
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