Competitive advantages through holistic enterprise design?

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Business Process Design

Business Process Model and End-to-End Responsibility

You will receive a systematically derived "blueprint" (presentation) for the ideal functioning of your company. This “model” fulfills all the design criteria of a high-performance organisation. On this basis, your business, support, and management processes are designed and optimized in detail. The business process design results in demand profiles and development models for service providers and specialists. Clear interfaces and task descriptions ensure that the processes will function together. The resulting blueprint (model) can be mapped in a certifiable quality management system and used as the basis for digitization. The ideal resource equipment forms the quantity structure for further qualitative and quantitative development and planning.

Added Value

We start with the fundamental functionality of the company using our proven approach. This “macro-level” almost always provides the greatest leverage for increasing efficiency. Only when we can ensure that the process model at the macro level meets the criteria of a high-performance organisation do the processes become more detailed. This enables a very efficient approach, and the focus is directed to the big levers.

High-performance organisations do not compromises on detail. With the proper training and documentation, the processes form the core element for efficient, joint, and strategy-compliant work – even across locations and organisations. They are also the ideal starting point for the automation and digitization of processes.

The following key questions will be answered within the scope of a project:

  • How can strategic guidelines and success factors be implemented in the process?
  • How does the process become more efficient and effective?
  • How can processes be simplified, parallelized, automated, or eliminated?
  • How can performance targets be achieved and measured?
  • How is it ensured that the company works according to the defined processes and supports their continuous further development?

Applied Method

The business process design is part of the holistic design approach. We rely on our own proven design methods (hpo Macro Design 5Md and Process Plan 7P for detailing the processes) and integrate other proven methods. The combination of customer know-how and our cross-industry experience leads to an ideal process landscape supported by all employees.
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