Competitive advantages through holistic enterprise design?

hpo strategy consulting

Business Model Design

Innovative Business Models and Innovation Architecture

You see innovation as a further holistic development of a company. In addition to products and services, business models, and the form of customer interaction must also always be fundamental.

Added Value

Innovative business models should be reconsidered due to digitization. New technological opportunities and changes in customer needs on the market are opening new opportunities to realize competitive advantages. We support you with a stringent methodical approach and comprehensible results that can be communicated and implemented.

The following key questions will be answered within the scope of a project:

  • How are the rules of the game in your industry changing as a result of digitization and the emergence of new stakeholders?
  • What are the core elements of today's business model? Which USPs are responsible for success? Which further developments do these USPs need?
  • What changes are taking place in your surroundings (new competitors, changed customer needs, new technologies, etc.)?
  • There are four questions: Who? What? How? With what?. Which of these do you need to rethink or renew in your business model?
  • Which partnerships and cooperation are useful to expand the value proposition skillfully?
  • How do you best manage the new business model – in a separate organisation or integrated into your established business?

Applied Method

We start with a jointly agreed baseline by establishing the framework conditions, analyzing the environment, and identifying the company's USPs. The second part is characterized by creativity workshops in which, besides the usual creativity methods («design thinking» etc.), hpo method elements such as the hpo industry model are used to combine the creative development of new business models with a strictly logical approach. Creative yet systematically differentiated business models are developed. An initial evaluation of the options is followed by iterative testing and further development. It is only after ensuring initial success that the next steps, such as the organisational structure and finalization of the value proposition, are approached.

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