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Our experts have many years of proven experience in consulting companies from various industries. We have accompanied companies in numerous projects in building agile organisations with integrated and efficient processes that can respond quickly to new market requirements. The holistic hpo® methodology is based on this principle. Together with our customers, we develop customized solutions that enable them to achieve innovative goals and simultaneously increase their performance and efficiency. We would be happy to assist you with your questions.
«The diverse challenges in the integrated railway system can only be mastered with optimal cooperation between all business units. SBB's Group project ‘Business Processes@SBB’ simplifies, networks and aligns its processes with customer needs—always consentrating on increasing the reliability in cross-divisional service provision. The development of the new business processes based on the hpo methodology helps to focus on value creation, unravel complicated process landscapes, and clarify responsibilities. This creates the foundation for higher customer satisfaction, reduction of process costs, and improved manageability at all levels. In addition, a robust process architecture eliminates the need for constant restructuring, which in turn has a positive effect on focusing the management agenda and employee motivation.»
Andreas Meyer
former CEO
Portrait Andreas Meyer
«The University Hospital Zurich (USZ) combines top performance in medicine and research for the best possible and most efficient medical treatment of its patients. The USZ secures this position with a long-term strategy – a complex task considering that there are over forty associated clinics and institutes. We have successfully developed the corporate strategy in a transparent process through hpo’s structured strategy approach based on the development of competencies. Within a short period of time, numerous stakeholders were involved in the process, and our high demands on the quality of the strategy and the preparations for implementation were more than fulfilled. With its experience and its methodical approach, hpo has set standards in its cooperation with us as an expert organisation.»
Gregor Zünd, Prof. Dr. med.
Chairman of the Hospital Management, CEO
University Hospital Zurich
Portrait Gregor Zünd, Prof. Dr. med.
«We wanted to kill two birds with one stone. Not only did we want to optimize our customer service, but we also wanted the reorientation to reduce costs by eliminating duplication. Thanks to hpo, we have achieved this ambitious goal, although – according to theory – this does not reflect the common practice of optimizing customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing costs. The professionalism of hpo has helped us achieve this goal. Within a short period of time, we have introduced a new business model with a clear goal of ensuring our service quality in the long term. We also standardized the business processes and prepared the core and support processes for the use of new technologies. The result shows us that we took the right steps. On the one hand, the customer only has one contact person – one face to the customer – and on the other hand, we can react more flexibly to the changing market needs. This model has also eliminated duplication resulting in lower operating costs.»
Christof Zürcher
Chairman of the Executive Board
Atupri Health Insurance
Portrait Christof Zürcher
«With the professional support of hpo’s industry and method experts, we are well on our way to consistently aligning our offering in the investment business to the needs of our clients. The “top-down/bottom-up” approach recommended by hpo has allowed us to put ourselves in the position of our target clients using so-called personas. This has helped us to fully understand the needs and requirements of our clients, to translate them and to efficiently test them with real people. Thanks to the support of hpo, we were able to realize our project goals faster.»
David Strebel
Head of Market Services Division
Thurgauer Kantonalbank
Portrait David Strebel
«As a global company, cross-functional, and cross-location cooperation between sales, production, and development is extremely important to us. The business process model, which has been developed and implemented with hpo, has defined clear roles, responsibilities, and interfaces. This has significantly improved cooperation on a global and regional level as well as customer service along the customer journey. With their methodical approach and cross-sector know-how, hpo was able to professionally accompany us in a challenging market environment and our multicultural setup. The methodology introduced by hpo quickly developed into a common language between all project participants. The broad involvement of our employees quickly led to the necessary results and ensured a high acceptance of the solution.»
Stefan Gautschi
General Manager
Gurit Composite Materials
Portrait Stefan Gautschi
«hpo has provided us with goal-oriented support in promoting the specialization in the area of personal accident. With the practice-oriented hpo methodology, we were able to systematically identify our target organisation based on the new customer-oriented business process model. We are convinced that this will significantly improve the manageability of the personal accident business. In hpo, we found a partner who purposefully involved our employees in the development of solutions. As a result, affected parties became participants who committed themselves to the project in an extraordinarily enthusiastic manner. This created the basis for a successful implementation.»
Sabina Rüttimann
Head of Personal Accident
Allianz Suisse
Portrait Sabina Rüttimann
«In order to increase the long-term efficiency of our globally active group of companies, we were looking for a partner to accompany us in achieving quick and sustainable results as well as in enabling our own employees to continue to independently implement optimization measures. hpo’s approach seemed to be predestined for this. Through the support of hpo, we were able to harmonize the higher-level business processes of sales, engineering, delivery, and innovation processes, uncovering inefficiencies and identifying the resulting potentials. At the same time, we optimized interfaces and initiated implementation by introducing new processes and adapting organisational units. Our employees received support in the form of training courses and were accompanied through various workshops in the analytical and target design phases all the way to the final implementation phase. The systematic and integral method by hpo and the necessary intuition in the empowerment of our employees have generated the decisive momentum for the long-term stability of our company.»
Hans-Christian Schneider
Ammann Group
Portrait Hans-Christian Schneider
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