Competitive advantages through holistic enterprise design?

hpo strategy consulting


hpo ag was founded in 1995 by Dr. Thierry Lalive d’Epinay and Dr. Andreas Suter. As a trained engineer and manager of a large corporation, Thierry Lalive made his experiences with consulting companies and unsuccessful implementations of consulting projects. Together with Andreas Suter, a former McKinsey consultant and research associate at ETH Zurich, he decided to establish his own consulting firm: hpo.

The hpo goal: to make organisations more successful and to design them into high-performance organisations. The hpo approach: a scientifically based methodology according to which an organisation must function following a clear design logic. This enables the organisation to achieve its strategic goals better and faster and to be competitive on the market in the long term.

The hpo enterprise design approach is already proving successful in the first major project. Thierry Lalive's enterprise analysis of the Swiss steel industry leads to the rescue of the steelworks in Emmenbrücke and Gerlafingen.

In 1998, Thierry Lalive became chairman or member of the board of directors of various enterprises (e.g. SBB, Société Générale de Surveillance, Von Roll), what ensured proximity to the needs from the customer's perspective.

Over the past 20 years, the hpo enterprise design approach has proven to be successful across all industries. Companies such as Ammann, Postfinance, Thurgauer Kantonalbanken, SUVA, University Hospital Zurich rank among hpo’s satisfied customers.

The future of the hpo enterprise design approach is also guaranteed by a motivated and competent team, which still today consists of a mixture of engineers and business economists and continuously develops the approach with the latest research and practical findings.

Most Important Milestones

  • 1995
    hpo ag was founded by Thierry Lalive d’Epinay together with Andreas Suter, an ex-McKinsey consultant. Their goal: to design high-performance organisations.
  • 1998

    The first major project with media presence followed soon: the hpo analysis of the Swiss steel industry leads to the rescue of the steelworks in Emmenbrücke and Gerlafingen.

  • 1998

    Thierry Lalive d'Epinay is elected to various boards of directors, which ensured proximity to the needs from the customer's perspective

  • 2001
    Oliver Kohler and Stefan Zirhan, two later hpo partners, both with many years of industrial experience, joined the team.
  • 2005
    Andreas Suter leaves the company to pursue other job opportunity.
  • 2017
    Josua Burkart, who has 6 years of hpo experience and 3 years of NGO experience, became the fourth hpo partner.
  • 2019
    The hpo ag took over the USP Consulting GmbH, which is known for its company-specific forecasts based on the Peter Meier Forecasting Model. USP Consulting GmbH became hpo forecasting ag and, like hpo management consulting ag, was a subsidiary of the hpo group. You can find more about hpo forecasting here:

    After more than 20 years in Freienbach, Switzerland, hpo management consulting ag moved to Zurich, Uetlibergstrasse 132.

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